Public Limited Company – A Public limited company can offer shares to the general public through IPO ( Initial Public Offer) or in Open Market. Public limited company can be listed on stock exchange or can be unlisted. However in both the cases company has to issue shares andΒ securities in dematerialised form.

If you are thinking to open up a business at large scale where you can raise share capital money from public, then this is for you.

A Public limited company has to comply with a good number of compliances since the money involved in these types of companies is of Public. So, In order to safeguard the interest of shareholders, government puts strict fine and penalties in case of non-compliances.

If you choose us—> our dedicated team will call you —> Ask for the required documents—> Apply for DSC (Digital Signatures)—> Get Name Reserved—>Draft MOA and AOA—> Apply for incorporation—-> Follow up—> Get Incorporation certificate.


There Should be atleast 3 Directors and 7 Shareholders to start a public limited company.

Yes, Minimum of Rs 5 Lakh capital is required to open a public limited company.

No, there is no such mandate requirement for a Public limited company to get their shares listed. A Public company can keep the shares unlisted also, however shares should be in de-mat form.