Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Firm –It is Registered under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. we can call it modern way of doing business along with enjoying the benefits of corporate, where raising funds through banks are easier. It requires minimal compliance compared to a private limited company.Β  Β 

After registration it has following annual compliances every year.

  1. Filing of Returns to ROC.
  2. Compulsory audit if turnover is in excess of Rs 40 Lakhs.
  3. Filing of Income tax return.

If you choose us-Γ Β  Our dedicated team will contact you —Γ  Apply your DSC (Digital Signatures)–Γ  Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)—Γ  Apply for Name reservation —Γ  Registration of LLP–Γ  Getting COI (certificate of incorporation)—Γ  Drafting of LLP Deed—-Γ  Registration of LLP Deed.


It has various advantages like partner’s liability is limited to the contribution made by them and it is registered with Registrar of companies (ministry of corporate affairs), so more reliable.

Every year LLP requires to file Form 11 , Form 8 to the ROC and Income tax return.

Admission and resignation of partners is allowed in LLP, however minimum no of partners required is 2.